Living with Alexa

Voice-controlled boxes are quickly becoming de rigeur in every tech lover's home. Jamie decided to put Amazon's Alexa through her paces.

The final frontier?

Life after death? Is it possible? Online... anything is possible.

Man and machine in perfect harmony: an intro to wearable tech

Wearable technology is about more than just tracking your heart rate with your watch or strapping a camera to your face. The possibilities are only restricted by the imagination of the world's finest geeks. We present a run down of the latest - and most-interesting - wearable technologies out there.


Close but no cigar: The Google Pixel

The first-ever Google mobile, kind of. It's shiny, it's buttery smooth and it's the first outing for Google Assistant. But is it worth the premium price tag?

Farewell start-up bong

There are some things which are beyond the pale. For Matt Simpson, the removal of the Macintosh start-up bong is but the latest step down a slippery slope.

Middle Age

Me, computers and a tech-induced migraine

Life used to be simple with computers, you knew where you stood. But, as they've become increasingly-complicated - and increased their stranglehold on every day life - it can't just be Cath that finds she no longer has any idea what's going on. Can it?

Falling in love with a Tesla

Like something from outer space - with a hint of "Back to the Future" - Tesla has made luxury electric cars an affordable reality for many. We took one for a spin.

What is “truth” online anyway?

Another week, another Facebook hoax is doing the rounds: this time in regards to exposing all your private thoughts to the wider world. With social media becoming the first port of call for many to "read the news", how true are the things you're reading?