What Can Finland Tell Us About Universal Basic Income?

The topic of a Universal Basic Income to replace all manner of benefits is being discussed in the upper echelons of government across Europe. Is there mileage in such a utopian idea?

The leftwards swing towards oblivion

The past two years have seen change at the top and in the foothills of the Labour Party, with a shake-up of beliefs, membership and, some would say, electoral chances. Here's one viewpoint on the changes under Jeremy Corbyn.

Tory austerity drive: The financial crisis at your local council

Councils across the UK are bearing the brunt of the Tory’s austerity drive, with those in the Labour heartlands of the North the most-affected. What does this mean for the council of the future?

Secret Diaries

The Secret Diary of… Donald Trump

A page from the diaries of the rich and famous. Our lawyers would like us to point out these are completely fictitious and intended as parody only.

What future for a left wing Progressive Alliance?

With left-wing politics beginning to feel in disarray, there's much talk of a Progressive Alliance; Labour, Lib Dems, Greens and others combining to defeat the Tories and Ukip. But is such a thing a reality? Kat doesn't think so.

The grammar school lie in action

Grammar schools are firmly in focus once again, with the announcement by education secretary Justine Greening that the ban on new openings will be lifted. Do we need grammar schools? Do they create an uplift for the educationally-gifted or do they simply help perpetuate and reinforce existing divides?