Agony Aunt

Familiar trauma

" partner and I have a good relationship but I dread visiting his family as although I get on ok with them the brother's girlfriend is absolutely vile."

Agony Aunt

Noisy Neighbours

Our resident Agony Aunt provides a series of solutions for a single mother who can't escape the noise from her upstairs neighbours.

Single mum

Every good boy deserves favour

Teaching responsibility through housework seemed like such a good idea. Until Helena put it into practice.

My personal hopes

When we asked our contributors to write a few words about their hopes for 2017, Jules found himself with a little downtime... so wanted to write a little bit more. It would be rude not to let him.

Hopes for 2017

2016 has been a funny old year, and no mistake. But what do you want for 2017? We asked Kipperbang's contributors what they hoped for in the coming year.

A Merry Atheist’s Christmas

It's an odd time of year to be an atheist; what with Christmas being Christ's birthday and all. But there's much more to "Christmas" than religion, as Adele explains.

Agony Aunt

The agony of friendship

When a friendship group isn't what you want it to be, what options do you have?

Single mum

Wine bottles and the body beautiful

Facing the inevitability of "middle aged spread", Helena decides a new workout regime is the order of the day.

In vitro, in utero: my path to parenthood

Pregnancy is supposed to be the most natural thing in the world. Yet it is estimated there are almost 50 million infertile couples worldwide. So becoming a parent isn't always plain sailing - and science often lends a hand.

Winter warming cocktails

A cocktail isn't just for summer, with the right ingredients you can create a festive treat to warm the cockles and ease the pain of Grandad's stories. Hic.

Agony Aunt

My rotating Christmas is becoming a nightmare

An expectant mother is looking for advice on a Christmas filled with car journeys, a mother-in-law from hell and an unsupportive husband.

Generation Z

How do you learn about life?

What is life like for teenagers in the 21st century? You may have a great relationship with your kids but do you honestly know what's going on in their heads?

Single mum

Gin, onions and felt tip pens

Getting to work in the morning rush used to be a simple process. But then along came the boy child, traffic and train station chuggers.

Agony Aunt

A Very Merry Brexit Christmas

A 17 year old wants tips on avoiding a family fall out this Christmas, finding themselves on the opposing side of Brexit to their outspoken Grandparents.